CV. Visi Indotama Sejahtera


Since it was founded in 2009, VISI INDOTAMA SEJAHTERA has always prioritized the quality of Products and Services provided and delivered to Customers, so we are very confident to be a good partner in facing the development of the metal forming industry with developing technology. We believe that this is what our customers need in the face of competition in this globalization era.

VISI INDOTAMA SEJAHTERA has worked closely with several manufacturers of Abrasive Tools to meet the needs of customers in terms of the needs of its abrasive tools, and get total abrasive solutions with excellent support as well.

We supply and sell Abrasive Tools with leading brands such as Orientcraft, Ichiguchi, FSK, Gesswein and Cebex. With each of its products, such as: Metal Cutting Wheel, Grinding Wheel, Flap Disk, Flap Wheel, Diamond Saw Blade, Mounted Stone, Oil Stone, Ceramic Stone, and others.

As local partners and authorized distributors, we provide Technical Support that is reliable enough to serve our loyal customers.
Our Technical Support is willing to be directly involved to help solve all Abrasive Tools problems and the production process in each Customer.

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