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Specification of Multicomp

Multicomp is a Compressor Oil.

Multicomp series are ashless compressor lubricants that provide the necessary levels of protection against wear. Multimetal corrosion and exellent oxidation stability for lubricants operating under very severe conditions.


Our industrial oil are developed through intensive scientific research which is why they work like magic.

Created by experts, for experts, to ensure your manufacturing processes run smoothly every minute of the day. Day in, day out.


Highly specialised coolants, lubricants and chemicals for various industrial processes, developed and formulated in advanced, modern laboratory.  Let us serve and assist your industrial oil needs.


VISI INDOTAMA SEJAHTERA  is a stockist and supplier of engineering metrial for the Metal Industry and Maintenance needs. With our best service and good technical support, we are ready to serve and become a reliable partner to move forward with you.

The following are the industrial sectors we have served:
1. Houseware industry.
2. Steel and Non Ferro industry
3. Glass industry
4. Jewelery industry.
5. Automotive parts industry.
6. Mold & Die industry.
7. Precision Engineering industry.
8. Marine Products industry.
9. Food and Medicine Industry.

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