Carbon Graphite for High Temp Komponent & Hot Zone Parts

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02 May 2023
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Specification of Carbon Graphite for High Temp Komponent & Hot Zone Parts

Graphite for High Temp Komponent & Hot Zone Parts

High Temp Component & Hot Zone Parts.

Application Examples: Glass Industry, Semi Conductor, Vacuum Evaporating Crucible, Nuts, Bolts ....etc

Since 1995 we have started to sell Carbon and Graphite products according to the needs of our customers. Through consistent service, we progress and develop to meet the many demands on Carbon and Graphite needs from our Customers. Our Carbon and Graphite materials have been widely used for the needs of industrial machine components such as: Electrical Discharge Machines, Electrical Applications, Metallurgical Applications, Mechanical Applications, High Temperature Components and Hot Zone Parts.

The need for Carbon and Graphite materials has become a very important part for several industrial sectors. With isotropic quality, our Carbon and Graphite have good properties in terms of: Reliability, High temperature resistance (up to 2500° C), Conductor, Industrial chemical resistance, Lightweight and Easy to work with.

Let us help you with the right solution for your Carbon and Graphite needs.

We VISI INDOTAMA SEJAHTERA is a stockist and supplier of engineering materials for the Metal Industry and Maintenance needs. With our best service and good technical support, we are ready to serve and become a reliable partner to move forward with you.

Following are the industrial sectors we have served:

1. Houseware industry.

2. Steel and Non Ferrous industry.

3. Glass industry.

4. Jewelery industry.

5. Automotive parts industry.

6. Mold & Die industry.

7. Precision Engineering industry.

8. Marine Products industry.

9. Food and Medicine Industry.

Carbon Graphite

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