Moldino Miniatur End Mill Cutter EPDBE

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30 May 2024
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Moldino Miniature End Mill Cutter EPDBE. Another superior product from Moldino is the result of development from Mitsubishi Hitachi Tool Engineering, namely the Miniature End Mill Cutter EPDBE. This EPDBE Miniature End Mill Cutter was developed for deep machining processes.
Moldino | Hitachi Tool is a brand of high-class cutting tools that are always used in world-class metal industries, including the automotive industry, mold industry and other metal industries. Moldino provides cutting tools for a wide range of metalworking based on leading raw material research and advanced engineering.
These Moldino products are able to increase the productivity of our customers by providing high performance metal cutting tools such as Solid Carbide Endmills, Indextable Endmills, Facemill Cutters and equipped with Carbide Inserts which can optimize the use of existing machines.
Visi Indotama Sejahtera sells and stocks Moldino products. With continuous innovation and supported by stock that can meet the needs of all its customers, Visi Indotama Sejahtera strives to become the best partner in the metal industry. If you are a metal industry player, Visi Indotama Sejahtera is your best partner.
Since its inception in 2009, Visi Indotama Sejahtera always prioritizes the quality of Products and Services provided and delivered to its Customers, so we are very confident to be a good Partner in the face of the development of metal forming industry with the growing technology. We believe that this is what our Customers need in the face of competition in this era of Globalization.
VISI INDOTAMA SEJAHTERA has collaborated with some of the best Cutting Tools manufacturers to meet the needs of Customers in terms of meeting the needs of their cutting tools, and get very good support as well.

We supply and sell Cutting Tools with leading brands such as Hitachi Moldino, Cogo Tools, Tanoi and Magafor. With each of its products, such as: Endmill, Facemill Cutter, Drill, Holder-Insert, Reamers, Taps, Center Drill, and others.
As local partners and authorized distributors, we provide Technical Support that is reliable enough to serve our loyal customers.
Our Technical Support is willing to be directly involved to help solve all Cutting Tools issues and the production process in each Customer.
VISI INDOTAMA SEJAHTERA is a stockist and supplier of engineering metrial for the Metal Industry and Maintenance needs. With our best service and good technical support, we are ready to serve and become a reliable partner to move forward with you.

The following are the industrial sectors we have served:
1. Houseware industry.
2. Steel and Non Ferro industry
3. Glass industry
4. Jewelery industry.
5. Automotive parts industry.
6. Mold & Die industry.
7. Precision Engineering industry.
8. Marine Products industry.
9. Food and Medicine Industry.

If you need other information, please look at www.visiindotama.comMesin CNC
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